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Nation1: Global Network for Youth

“Never has the good old Model United Nations, popular for so long… seemed so pallid, so retro, so… 20th-century.”
– The New York Times

Thanks to revolutionary technology, imaginary lines called borders are rapidly becoming obsolete. Separated by distance, yet united by the desire to have a greater impact on the world, young people are coming together. Through friendships and fibre-optic cables, youth are taking positive action to shape their planet.

This Youth Movement consists of many remarkable projects all over the globe. However, for the true power of youth to be realized, it is imperative that we unite, by using what we know best: technology.

Welcome to Nation1.

The Vision:

Imagine a mega support network, a system which provides the starting-point and tools for anybody to join the Youth Movement.

With the click of a few buttons, you will be able to do things like:

  • Join regional and global action projects that interest you.
  • Coordinate action yourself, through the Internet and real-world networks.
  • Locate financial resources yourself.
  • Take part in a referendums called for by United Nations youth networks.
  • Find new friends in any country conceivable, or test out cutting-edge translation systems.
  • Get first-hand information for school projects from experts around the world.
  • Find and participate in or promote real-life youth events.
  • Participate in new political and economic systems unique to electronic nations.
  • Make use of Nation1’s connections with different corporations, governments, NGOs, agencies, and world decision making bodies.
  • Hear the latest world news from kids on the scene.
  • This list is just beginning!

Nation1’s evolution began two years ago. Although conceived in 1997, it took off at the Junior Summit 1998, an event hosted by the MIT Media Lab. Young people converged for one week to develop action plans, tackling the world’s most pressing problems with technology and youth energy. Entirely youth-led,, our online community will be launched in the second half of 2000.

Already, Nation1 is a truly global project. We have taskforce members in countries as diverse as Madagascar, Canada, Malaysia, and France.

The first element of our site, a Media Center, will be online in January 2001.

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